One of These Days…

I will take a course in photography. My pictures need some serious help. Today’s picture is not very exciting, but the food is! I made a chicken alfredo pizza tonight – it is my absolutely favorite kind of pizza. It’s actually very simple (especially since I use the jarred stuff).

I used the crescent roll recipe – Montina style – for the crust. About a third of the flour was Montina today. At least I can say that I got some good fiber from this dinner, lol.

I chose to make things easier on myself (I thought) and roll it in a rectangle and put it on a cookie sheet. Well, the kitchen fates were not kind to me today, and I kept ripping the thing up. Oh, well. It patted in nicely. I baked it at 350° for 15 minutes, then topped it. I used part of a jar of alfredo sauce, chicken (I used Costco rotisserie chicken) that I cut into tiny pieces with scissors, and mozzarella cheese. It spent another 15 minutes basking in the heat of the oven.

For those of you pizza purists, I’m sorry, but I cut it into squares. The kids were hungry, and all. Braden ate 7 pieces – that was even more than me! He said, “I loooove this pizza!” From the mouths of babes…

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