Wonderful, Healthy Smoothie


My friend calls it Googlie – I don’t know why. Maybe just because it’s a fun word to say and it gets the kids excited to drink spinach. Yes, spinach (and gets me a banana, which I otherwise would not eat). My kids absolutely love this (and I do, too!). We generally try to stick some fresh spinach in wherever we can: nachos, tacos, sandwiches or roll-ups. Every little bit helps, right? We make this in our magic bullet, so the”recipe” is sized for one person.
One banana – not overly ripe (or it will taste completely of banana)
A handful of fresh spinach (I really pack mine)
A scoop or so of frozen orange juice concentrate
2 ice cubes (optional – I like mine cold)
Water to fill the cup (or enough to make the consistency you want – I go for semi-thick)
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