We Have A Wiener

Have you ever made a silly mistake in the kitchen, that while not disastrous, could cost you a lot of time?

The other night, the kids and I were preparing biscuit dough in order to make pigs in a blanket. The butter was rock solid, so I put it in the microwave to soften it a bit. Except, I didn’t. I completely melted it. Yeah, my biscuit dough looked pretty strange to me, and Braden, ever observant, told me that it didn’t look like we could wrap that around the little smokies.

So I set to work clearing a space in my fridge for my Kitchen Aid mixing bowl. Then I had a most brilliant idea. So we ran with it.

I put smallish drops of dough on the cookie sheets, and Braden came along behind placing a wiener in the dough. Then I went back and placed another smallish drop on top of the wiener, and pushed it so it touched the rest of the dough.  A tip for pigs in the blanket:  warm your piggies up a bit in the microwave (about 30 to 45 seconds for half the package).  Then dry them with a paper towel.  This helps the inside of the biscuit cook (because it doesn’t have to heat a cold wiener), and there is less fat and moisture inside the biscuit (though still plenty).

While these may not be the most aesthetically pleasing pigs in a blanket you ever saw, they were really yummy and did not cause me much stress. Truthfully, this method was actually easier than trying to get the dough around them like I usually do.

I ate way too many. Braden had 8, plus 2 plain biscuits, and I cut him off. That child can really pack the food away.

The biscuit recipe I used can be found in You Won’t Believe It’s Gluten-Free! by Roben Ryberg.

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