Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: May 2008

  • Jalapeño Poppers

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I sure did. Andy went jalapeño-happy today. He made jalapeño poppers, chicken-wrapped jalapeños, salsa with jalapeños, and grilled some jalapeño sausage (Eckrich, I think). In the picture, the chicken one is on the left and the popper is on the right. I ate quite a few […]

  • GF Pantry Muffin Mix

    I finally got around to making these muffins. When I was in Richmond last year for the GIG Education Conference, my mom called me, very excited, to let me know she found some gf muffin and brownie mixes at Wal-Mart. They are made by Gluten-Free Pantry, and come in a regular cake-sized box. In my […]

  • Enchiladas

    I had the pleasure of having some real Mexican enchiladas this weekend. My little brother just graduated from college, and his mother-in-law threw a party for him.  She is from Costa Rica, and some of her best friends are from Mexico.  They helped her out and made the enchiladas for the party.  Marjorie (Corey’s MIL) […]

  • Pamela’s Mix – Chocolate Chip Cookies

    On Sunday, I came upstairs for a little break from the noise and set to work on my computer. It wasn’t that long before I went back downstairs, and found a container of cookies on the counter, and a little presentation plate set up. Where did they come from? Andy and the boys had made […]

  • Time Is Running Out

    The deadline is approaching to get the early bird pricing for the Gluten Intolerance Group’s Annual Education Conference. Register by May 21st to save some money. Conference dates are June 6 and 7, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This conference is going to be a total blast. I know – I helped organize it. 🙂 […]