Gluten-Free Cookies and Facebook

Andy and I have been making cookies lately out of the book Gluten-Free Cookies by Jeanne Basye.  I find it to be a good cookbook, with lots of interesting cookies.  Braden loves to look at the pictures to choose a cookie to make.

Basye refers to herself as “The Gluten-Free Cookie Lady.”  Her flour mix seems a bit daunting, utilizing 8 flours.  Instead of making her mix, I have made these cookies using pre-made mixes from Gifts of Nature and Pamela’s.  So far, they have all worked out well.  If you are using a mix that already contains xanthan gum, when you first try the recipe, do not add any of the xanthan gum called for.

My favorite cookies from this book are the PB & Oatmeal-Raisin Chipsters on page 19.  I confess, I have eaten way too many of these.

If you would like to purchase this cookbook, you may do so from The North Texas Gluten Intolerance Group.  We have it on sale, hint hint.

Ah, Facebook.  I decided, after a recent book club meeting, that I should join Facebook.  Truth is, I missed a party because I wasn’t on Facebook.  Two, actually.

I’ve gotten requests from some of you before to join Facebook.  So, if you want, you may find me through my email address, delightfullyglutenfree at gmail dot com.  Please put in a message that you read my gf blog or something to that effect.  I may not otherwise accept your invitation.  Unlike Roben, I am a Facebook prude (but not too much, lol).

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