I Spy “Gluten Free”

Cottage cheese is a staple food in our house.  Awhile back, I found that I prefer the taste of the Kroger brand.  I just happened to be finishing off a carton (therefore eating out of the carton), when I saw a little sign I had not seen before.

There is a little wheel with segments for calories, total fat, trans fat, sodium, and sugars.  Sticking out of the wheel is a line (imagine a key, that is what the whole thing resembles).  A little picture of a grain with a slash through it, and the words “a Gluten Free Food” are just sitting right there!  (I wonder how many times I’ve bought this and not seen it.)  Under the little symbol, it says “This food has never contained gluten.”

So, does this mean Kroger is going to label their gluten-free products?

I’m hopeful.

Okay, since a picture is worth a thousand words…

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