Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: June 2009

  • From A Teen’s Perspective

    I asked Colleen, a 13 year-old, to write about her experience in the TAGS program at the GIG conference.  This is what she has to say: My first impression of the day at lunch: this day could have been worse. My last impression of the day in the hotel room: I’m not sure this day […]

  • Leadership Day – GIG Conference 2009

    Update: Check the bottom of this post for an update on the chicken nuggets. One of my favorite things about the GIG Conference is the leadership day, the day before the conference officially begins.  If you are a leader of a GIG branch and have never come, you should really consider coming to next year’s […]

  • TAGS – 2009 GIG Conference

    Brand new this year and really exciting is the TAGS program – Teen Advocates for Gluten Sensitivities. Oftentimes, after a child has outgrown the ROCK program or their local support group’s kids program, the teenager no longer wants to attend meetings.  The problem that this generally poses is that they often don’t learn to speak […]

  • Seattle

    I really enjoyed my trip to Seattle, for the GIG Conference.  Today, I want to share with you about the trip and the city (Conference stuff will come later). Traveling freaks some people out, and with good reason.  I had a friend get delayed in an airport in another state for over 12 hours once.  […]

  • Back Again

    Well, I am back from Seattle and the 2009 Gluten Intolerance Group’s Education Conference.  I had a wonderful time, listened to some great speakers, and ate a whole lot of food.  In the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing some of my trip with you.  I’ve got a magazine deadline and some kids […]