Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

A Winner and Devil’s Food Cake

And the winner is…

Comment #55, as chosen by, Terry Sofley with the comment “The best thing about the mixes are they are mixes! I don’t have to make them from scratch so they can be made fast! Yum! Makes me hungry thinking about it!”

Congratulations, Terry!  Send your mailing address to delightfullyglutenfree at gmail dot com, and Betty Crocker will soon send your prize pack to you.

And for our final Betty Crocker taste test… Devil’s Food Cake.

Chad and Melissa joined us for a movie tonight (Inkheart – it was sooo not like the book), and Chad baked the cake while I loaded my car with books for tomorrow’s North Texas GIG meeting.  I really like how I didn’t have to make these myself, but could put my husband and my brother to work at it.  🙂

Chad showing off his creation, and a batter mustache that Andy painted on him.
Chad showing off his creation, and a batter mustache that Andy painted on him.

Melissa’s first reaction was that it had a much better taste and texture than the vanilla cake.

Chad remarked that it had a tiny bit of a grainy feel to it, but you could really only tell when “chomping the little bits left between your teeth”.

They all felt it had a “normal texture” (other than the previously mentioned grainy thing).

Melissa said it was “pretty darn good”.  I concur.

I think it was a job well done!

What about frostings?  You may have noticed in the past that the Betty Crocker frostings had wheat flour in them.  Good news!  BC has removed the wheat flour from their frostings, and as of this fall, they will be labeled gluten-free!

What frosting goes best with Devil’s Food?  (It’s not milk chocolate, by the way.)

Psst… Didn’t win?  Give General Mills a call and get a coupon for a free box of BC gluten free dessert mixes.  1-800-446-1898