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Cupcakes Deserve Costumes, Too

This special blog post has been written by my friend, Sara Boswell, a cereal chemist down at Texas A&M University.  When not creating gluten-free breads for her masters thesis, Sara fins a little time to let out her more creative … Continue reading

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Wheat Allergy Alerts

Please check out these two recent wheat alerts.  The first product is labeled gluten free and is not, and the second product was mispackaged. WHEAT ALLERGY ALERT October 29, 2009 Pinnacle Foods Group LLC is recalling “ARMOUR Chili with Beans, Original” … Continue reading

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Going Gluten-Free with WIC

Sometimes you just need a little help, especially with the way things are lately.  But if you’ve ever looked at the cereals available with WIC, you may have been a little perturbed to see that there are no gluten-free options. … Continue reading

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Custom Choice Cereal

I recently had the pleasure to design and try my own cereal through  Custom Choice Cereal, a fairly new company. The cereal customization process begins by choosing one of 3 cereal bases: cinnamon granola (which I’m pretty sure is Enjoy … Continue reading

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Crunchy Maple Sunrise and Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise

Nature’s Path now has two new cereals to add to the gluten-free lineup: Crunchy Maple Sunrise and Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise. These new organic cereals appear to be mostly a mix of three cereals – Mesa Sunrise, Gorilla Munch, Crispy Rice … Continue reading

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