Expo West 2011

I don’t believe in dieting (for weight loss).  I believe in generally eating healthy, and just being careful how much you eat and how often you’re eating the treats.

After Expo West, I think I’m going to believe in dieting, at least for a week or two.

It is just crazy, the sheer volume of gluten-free products here!  It is so exciting!  I haven’t even seen a third of the companies here yet (of course, I do spend half my time in the GFCO booth).

I wanted to post all of the pictures I’ve been taking of new products, but my connection at the hotel is just too slow.  If you’re a facebook user, you can look at my Expo West 2011 album (it’s public, but you still have to be a facebook user to see it, I think).  If not, don’t worry.  I’ll post them when I get home.

If you’re in Anaheim, come on out for the last day of the show!  If you’re here, come visit me in booth 5311!

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