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On the Other Hand

Let us not forget, however, those cooks, chefs, and restaurants that go OUT OF THEIR WAY to make us great, safe meals.  These are the people and restaurants that we truly need to remember.

If you have a favorite restaurant, please share it with us!



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3 responses to “On the Other Hand”

  1. Kelly Avatar

    I live in Glenwood Springs where the “chef” lives and used to work. LOL He no longer works at Florindo’s. I have a few favorites in town and one is the Bluebird Cafe right across Grand Avenue from Florindo’s under the bridge, The Good Health offers great food to take home when you are in a hurry but my very favorite is Eco Goddess in Carbondale (about 12 miles away). Yummy food and all organic.

    1. Cassandra Avatar

      That’s great that you have some favorites in town!
      That guy would have gotten fired sooner or later. He wrote some pretty awful stuff about other people at the restaurant, including his boss.

  2. Amy Avatar

    My favorite restaurant is Casona in Collingswood, NJ. yummmmm!! More locally, we just found a small chain bbq place around the corner that has a GF menu. Woody’s BBQ in Warminster, Pa. The company’s gf menu leaves much to be desired (french fries in non-dedicated frier, etc), but this location’s owner’s best friend has Celiac and she takes it very seriously and makes sure GF meals are safe. Our first visit we spent 15 minutes talking about celiac and gf while waiting for our ribs, which were plentiful and much better then Outback’s =)