Disney World Dining 101

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Now that finals are winding down I am back to chat about one of my favorite gluten-free subjects – gluten-free dining at Disney World of course! July 1st – 2nd the Gluten Intolerance Group of America (check out their gorgeous new website!) is going to host their annual conference in Orlando, Florida. This would be a great time to attend the conference and take in some of the fantastic gluten-free food at Walt Disney World with your family.

The next few days I will be posting reviews of my favorite restaurants from WDW, but tonight I am going to start with the basics. WDW is well known for being an allergen free vacation destination, but before you get to try your gluten-free meals, a lot of planning can take place to help ensure a safe, delicious meal.  The first step if you are new to the Disney system, is to check out their Special Dietary Requests webpage. Before visiting WDW, you can email them through this page to receive information on quick service dining options (locations that do not need reservations). This is a fantastic resource for when you’re going through the parks, mainly because you can locate where the gluten-free deep fried chicken tenders are….

Deep Fried Chicken Tenders and French Fries

Yes, they were as delicious as they looked...

Another useful tip for dining at WDW is to make online reservations at restaurants with “Allergen Friendly” options. When we first decided to go to WDW, I did lots of online research to determine which sit down restaurants had the best reviews for gluten-free options. Through the online reservation system, you can tell the restaurant at WDW that you will have a gluten-free or allergen-free diner in your party and be able to specify the allergen. When you arrive at the restaurant they even go as far to print that you have an allergen-free diner on your ticket so the servers can help remember to ask the chef to come out and speak to you. This can help make your stay and dining experience much less stressful and help ensure that the restaurant has the needed amount of gluten-free items (breads, brownies, etc…) on hand to feed you.

That is all for tonight! Tomorrow I will be review a few of my favorite restaurants and quick service locations from WDW!

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