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Old Foods Now Gluten-Free

It’s always good to see old mainstream foods that weren’t gluten-free now being gluten-free.

I got on to my mom once last summer when she’d bought some Quaker rice cakes.  “Mom, you know those aren’t gluten-free!”
“They say gluten-free on the package.”   And they did.

Something similar happened to me today. Wouldn’t you know it, but Nathan’s hot dogs now say GLUTEN FREE right on the package.  I saw 4 different packages, and they all said it.  Make sure you check, but it looks like we have a new hot dog available.

It looks like more companies are starting to take notice, and taking out the gluten if it’s an unnecessary ingredient.






2 responses to “Old Foods Now Gluten-Free”

  1. GF-er Avatar

    Yes, it *is* wonderful to have more options in the GF world. I have to get on my tiny soapbox to say (and please forgive me!) that it also means that we have to be that much more vigilant about cross-contamination risks, “gluten free” claims that are less-than-verified, and companies that are using the label as a gimmick to capitalize on the way that some people are making a legitimate medical issue into a trend.

    I’ve been glutened more than once by this kind of thing, labels that claim GF but are in a factory that produces G items, or items where there are no G ingredients, but the suppliers one step back in the chain have items that are G and could impact the status of the ingredient in my food. It will be a wonderful day when the transparency is there on all levels, where there is testing to know how many ppm have/haven’t got G, etc. The companies that are certified are taking the lead, and I hope that others (like the one you mentioned!) will follow 🙂

    Longwinded, but I had to get it off my mind. But yep, I do enjoy seeing the progress and the glee when I find a previously G item now really and truly GF! 🙂 And I love reading your blog, even though this is my first time commenting.

    1. Cassandra Avatar

      I, too, wish they would all get certified! I have also been glutened by products that have gf claims or were on gf lists. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened in awhile.