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Reco Romertopf Cookware

Cookware comes in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials.  I recently received one with which you may be unfamiliar.  Reco’s Romertopf Clay Cookware is quite a bit different than most of my other cookware.

The clay cookware really did seal in the moisture.  We made lasagna (one from the cookbook that came with the cookware), and I was surprised that all the moisture was retained.  I had been initially worried that there was not enough for the noodles to cook.  I actually ended up with leftover juice, most likely from using too large of a can of tomatoes (the recipe was not very specific).

With the Romertopf cookware, you soak it for 5-10 minutes, then fill it, put it in a cold oven, then turn on the oven and cook it.

There were no overdone spots or uncooked spots.  Our spinach lasagna was wonderful.  The recipe called for a little nutmeg.  I was skeptical, especially when I could smell the nutmeg as I pulled the lasagna out of the oven, but it turned out to be a great fit.  Braden really enjoyed it.

The pot was relatively easy to clean, once I got the cheese off the sides.  It didn’t hold the oil along the sides and bottom like most cookware does.

I look forward to trying a chicken in the Reco Romertopf cookware.  No basting?  Thank you.

If you’d like to know more, please read the following press release.

Easy, Healthy and Delicious: Reco’s Romertopf
Clay Cookware Seals In Moisture And Flavor
Producing Tender And Tasty Dishes
Manufactured using special porous unglazed clay, Reco’s earthen cookware is designed to be soaked in water before use. During the cooking process this water escapes the clay and penetrates the food both tenderizing and adding flavor without the need for any additional liquids.    
Cambridge, Ohio (May 23, 2012) – The earliest use of clay in cooking dates back thousands of years ago. Wet clay was used to cover foods that were then placed directly onto a fires hot coals. Once the clay had hardened and dried the food was removed and the clay mold was broken away revealing a tender, moist and tasty meal. Reco’s clay cookware uses a similar, but much simpler process to produce meals that are tender and tasty without the need for any additional fats or oils.

The secret lies in the specially selected porous clays that are used to create these unglazed pieces of Reco’s Romertopf cookware. Their ability to absorb a great deal of water is the key to this unique cooking process. Before use both the top and the bottom must be soaked in water for five to ten minutes after which the food can be placed in the clay pot which then goes into the oven.

“Often referred to as ‘natures oven,’ this is a very simple and tasty way to prepare foods,” says Heio Reich, CEO for Reco International. “During the cooking process the water in the clay is released in the form of very fast moving molecules that penetrate and tenderize the food. This process will also help any seasoning or spices to infuse the food as it cooks. This results in very moist, tender and delicious foods.”

Reco’s clay pots are also great for those who are watching their calories or just want to eat healthier foods. The moisture that is released from the clay during the cooking process means that there is no need for the addition of any liquids such as fats or oils. This unique cooking process also acts to lock in the vitamins and nutrients that are often cooked away when using other food preparation methods.

Reco’s clay pots greatly simplify the cooking process as well. After soaking the pot for five to ten minutes simply add the ingredients and place the pot into a cold oven and then set to 400 degrees. There is no need for basting, turning or any further attention simply return in 60 to 75 minutes for a meal that is cooked to perfection. The moisture keeps the bottom of the pot at about 220 degrees making burning virtually impossible.

Over 20 million pieces of Romertopf clay cookware have been sold worldwide since the pots first went on the market in 1967. Developed in Germany, the line includes a wide range of sizes and shapes designed for cooking various dishes from whole turkeys to apples and heads of garlic.

“Once you try this method of cooking you will understand why worldwide there are so many people that are believers,” added Reich. “It makes cooking a breeze, the food taste great and it is a healthy way to cook as well. Try it and you will be a believer too.”

Reco International is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Romertopf clay cookware for the United States, Canada, Central and South America. Manufacturing is conducted under very strict supervision to ensure that the terra cotta contains no lead or cadmium. For more information about the full line of Reco’s Romertopf clay cookware please visit the website at