Whole Fruit Smoothie

Do you ever make a smoothie and think “this will make an awesome frozen treat!”, but then freezing it doesn’t always work out so well?

This has happened to me on occasion, but I’ve got a few new smoothies in the freezer.

J & J Snack Foods sent me some of their new Whole Fruit Smoothie cups.  I find them to be the perfect frozen treat, in that when you stick your spoon in, you can scrape a smooth layer out, without hard chunks.  Think of it as halfway between ice cream and Italian ice.

These smoothies are ready-to-go.  You can eat them as a frozen treat, or microwave them for 20 seconds for a drinkable treat.  Carter chose to let his sit out for a few minutes (it’s still in the 80s around here most days), but Martin, Corice, and I enjoyed ours frozen.

Each one is slightly sweet and just a little creamy.  The mixed berry is my favorite, with a good berry flavor.  It was very satisfying and helped curb a raging sweet tooth one day.

The strawberry banana really accentuates the banana flavor (though you still taste the strawberries.  The pineapple mango is the only one that I would actually say has chunks of fruit.  The other two are more fully smooth.

Whole Fruit Smoothies taste great and are a convenient size.  Carter and Corice pretty much thought they were getting ice cream.  Thankfully, each 4 oz cup is only 100 calories.  It’s a good size for portion control, too.

As long as you only eat one, that is.  🙂

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