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Grad school is kind of tough sometimes, so at the end of the week, after teaching 10 hours of fitness classes, writing (and grading!) who knows how many papers, you just need to kick back and eat pizza and brownies.  Right?

I recently received some samples from Jessica over at kitch+table gluten-free baking mixes.  Jessica recently launched kitch+table mixes.  Jessica has worked for food manufacturing for a few years, and, while not gluten-free herself, believed there to be few tasty options for those living gluten-free.  She has worked hard to create the two new products that she is launching her company with, the pizza crust mix and the brownie mix.

The manufacturer works very hard and maintains strict standards in order to ensure no cross-contact with gluten.

Because the mixes contain cornstarch, I decided to wait until the children were gone to make them (they don’t mind since I make pizza from scratch almost every Friday.  I also promised Braden I’d make him brownies if he’d score me a Butterfinger on Halloween).

I decided to branch out and do a chicken barbecue pizza, since I’ve never made one before.  The mix was very simple to prepare: the dry mix, some water, and 2 minutes in the Kitchenaid.  The hardest part was smoothing it out on the pan, but that wasn’t very difficult, either.  It’s a yeast-based crust, so it raised and got a bit puffy.

We were quite pleased with this crust.  It was thick and bready.  Because I baked it on my special pan with the holes, the bottom was quite crispy, helping it to hold up under a freakish amount of chicken (I don’t skimp on my toppings).

According to Martin, “it looks like pizza bread, feels like pizza bread, tastes like pizza bread, and it doesn’t get floppy.”

It definitely outranks a number of the different recipes we have tried in the recent past.  I’ve always been partial to a thin crispy crust, but this is definitely a good, thick crust, and I truly enjoyed it.

The brownies were just about as easy to make: melt a little butter, mix in a couple of eggs and the brownie mix.  They had a darker chocolatey taste than many brownies, feeling quite rich indeed.  A crunchy top delighted the senses with a chewy, thick cake-like texture below.  They were delightful.

I say Kudos! to Jessica at kitch+table gluten-free mixes and wish her well on her new venture.  I can’t wait to see what new products will be coming in the future.






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