SuperSeedz Giveaway

Pumpkin seeds a plenty, pumpkin seeds galore.

We recently received some samples from SuperSeedz.  I certainly didn’t think there would be quite the selection, but there is.

Super Spicy SuperSeedz

SuperSeedz are dry roasted and shelled pumpkin seeds.  They are gluten-free as well as peanut- and tree nut-free, vegan, and msg-free.

We first tried the Really Naked, to give us a baseline comparison.   “They taste like pumpkin seeds.”  Thank you, Sherlock Braden.

Tomato Italiano, I dub thee “Sir Pizza Seeds.”  Seriously, it’s like a tiny crunchy pizza.

“Now, Sea Salt is how it’s supposed to be seasoned.”  Well, I guess that means these are Braden’s favorites.  They are pretty great, I must admit.  Corice has named these her favorite, too.

Oooh, 9 grams of protein per serving.  Can you say gym snack?

They are also high in fiber, zinc, and Omega 3.

Do you like curry?  That sort of sweet, fragrant blend of spices that just seems to pop up everywhere.  Love it!  I bet these would be great on a salad, adding a crunch and some interesting flavor.  Mmmm…  No, wait, Corice has decided Original Curry are her favorite after all.  (“Can I have some more of the yellow ones?” she asks.)  Um, she just stole the bag.

Somewhat Spicy would be great on a taco salad!  It’s really not hot, but that spice does linger a bit.  It’s really making me scared to try Super Spicy.  That might need some lettuce to calm me down.  Carter, however, manned up and loved on the Super Spicy.  I think they were Martin’s favorite.

There is also Coco Joe, which is a chocolate/coffee flavor.  I don’t do coffee myself, so these will migrate to Monica.  We like to hook each other up with tasty food.  🙂

Sugar & Cinnamon, “they’re sweet…more Captain Obvious from Braden.”  I’m glad he’s enjoying himself.  These have a lot more depth to them than I would have originally thought because of the vanilla.  They only have 2 grams of sugar per serving.  They aren’t a dessert, but kind of like cinnamon toast (if you hold it upside down and shake off much of the sugar – at least, if you add sugar like I might have seen someone else do).

Cinnamon Sugar SuperSeedz

SuperSeedz would like to give you a chance to try them all out, too!  One winner will receive 8 packs of SuperSeedz (they come in 8 flavors!).

Check out SuperSeedz on Facebook and Twitter, and give them a like or follow.  Comment on this blog to enter the giveaway.  Tell me what you think would be the best thing about these (i.e., flavor selection, high protein, etc.).  This giveaway will close at 9pm central on Friday, March 7, 2014.

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