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  • New Recipe Ideas – Roben Ryberg

    Let’s face it.  Sometimes we just get in a cooking rut and make the same things over and over.  It may be time constraints, or lack of knowledge or creativity, but there comes a point where probably everyone realizes they have eaten the same 5 meals or so for the last couple of weeks.  You […]

  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide: Quinoa Cookbook

    Do you have a trick to help you through busy times?  Do you apply the “budget” process to other areas of your life besides money? I certainly do.  My students (and the other teaching fellows) think I have such a crazy, impossible life.  They don’t even know about the blogging.  🙂  I have to budget […]

  • Gluten-Free, Vegetarian Entertaining for the Holidays

    Today we have a guest post from cookbook author Carol Fenster.  I’ve recently received a lot of emails about vegetarian and vegan gluten-free choices, so I thought this was quite timely. I hope you enjoy her post and the accompanying recipe.  And Carol, you had me at Chipotle Cream. ~Cassandra Gluten-Free, Vegetarian Entertaining for the […]

  • Soup From a Friend

    Last Saturday, after our local support group meeting, Dacia came by to bring me some clothes from a friend of hers and some food made by some others in the support group.  It was really nice to have a visitor, and some good food.  Being stuck in bed most of the day is pretty hard, […]

  • Andy’s Easy, Yummy Chili

    Yes, I know it’s in a Diego Dixie bowl, but sometimes I just don’t want to wash the dishes. Andy made this chili yesterday, and it was really good. What did he put in it? you ask. Not a whole lot, actually. Andy’s Easy, Yummy Chili 1 pound ground beef, cooked 1 can kidney beans […]