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Settling In

You may have noticed that I was silent for awhile.  Moving to a new city, starting graduate school, and getting married (all within the space of 8 days) was a lot on my plate all at once (plus a HUGE … Continue reading

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Taste of Home, Mrs. Holiday

The following press release is something that came through my email that I thought I should share with you.  If I wasn’t so busy, I might be inclined to enter. Why am I sharing it with you?  I think it … Continue reading

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A Gigantic Announcement

You may recall me telling you that we have some really big changes coming up in our lives this summer.  I start grad school in a two weeks, then we move to another city (to be closer to school) the … Continue reading

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Old Foods Now Gluten-Free

It’s always good to see old mainstream foods that weren’t gluten-free now being gluten-free. I got on to my mom once last summer when she’d bought some Quaker rice cakes.  “Mom, you know those aren’t gluten-free!” “They say gluten-free on … Continue reading

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Healthy Gluten-Free Eating

This is a guest post brought to us by Julia Wisniewski. Julia Wisniewski lives with Fibromyaglia and blogs regularly for Bready, the gluten free bread machine about her experiences with gluten free living and FM pain.   Living Healthy While … Continue reading

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