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Keepin’ It Simple – Teriyaki Chicken

We had guests over for dinner one day last week. Andy had decided that his holiday binging was over, and so he’d be low-sugar/low-carb that week to get back on track (of course, this was before we started frying stuff, lol). I was rather stressed about what to make for dinner and still have it be something really good. When I have guests over, I often go all out for them. But this time, I decided to keep it simple. And I’m glad I did – it was wonderful.


We grilled some chicken outside, with a little sauce put on just before. I tried a new recipe (from Roben Ryberg’s upcoming cookbook). It was really good, and had no soy in it at all (so if you’re avoiding soy and miss teriyaki, you will want that book). You could use any teriyaki sauce recipe, or use a gf premade version like the LaChoy (remember to check the labels). One of the things that made this chicken so nice was that it was already thin. I had gotten the chicken from the hometown grocery store, and they sliced it through the thickness for me to make thinner pieces. This way, they did not need to cook for nearly as long to get to the center.

We also grilled some canned pineapple (a huge hit!) and some onions and bells peppers. We had some steamed sugar snap peas, brown rice, and a fresh green salad. It was a really nice dinner, and it only took me about a half hour to prepare it (quite fortunate, since that was all the time I had after I picked Braden up from school). I had made up extra sauce, and put it in a squeeze bottle (like a ketchup bottle), and had that available to add extra to the chicken and rice (mmm).

This is a plate of leftovers – still excellent.








  1. Glutigirl Avatar

    That looks really good. My son loves teriyaki. I’m going to have to make him some.