Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: February 2008

  • What a Find!

    There I was, yesterday, in my early pregnancy misery, and I ran out of cereal. Not totally out, but out of all that I could stomach. I had to go to the store – cereal has become very important lately. I drove the half hour to a salvage health food store that I frequent. The […]

  • Bid on Fasano

    So, I know you are all coming to the GIG educational conference in June, right? Well, it just so happens that yours truly brought about an astonishing idea. I’ll let Cynthia Kupper take the credit for actually implementing it, though. At our banquet, on the Saturday night of the conference, we will be auctioning off […]

  • Restaurant-Style Cheese Biscuits

    Super easy recipe to the rescue! For a long time, we have kept some of this Bisquick-type mix in the fridge. It’s really great for when you want something and don’t want to spend a long time in the kitchen measuring out ingredients. Well, today, we wanted biscuits. Maybe it was looking at Carrie’s cheese […]

  • Chicken and Bean Enchiladas

    Last year, for his birthday, my brother Chad requested enchiladas for dinner.  They were able to come visit us and spend a little bit of time.  I didn’t want to make one of those white sauce enchiladas, or green one, either.  I looked around awhile and decided on this one (I think I found it […]

  • My Favorite Chicken Salad

    Yes, I’ve been absent.  Yes, I’ve been sick again.  I think something is wrong with the whole world right now.  Everyone is getting sick and staying sick.  Oh, well, to a more pleasant subject… This is my favorite chicken salad recipe.  I just love all the different flavors in it.  It’s good to eat by […]