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A Visit From Anna

Our support group had the wonderful pleasure today of listening to (and watching) Breads From Anna creator, Anna Sobaski.  She had prepared for this meeting by spending 2 days in the kitchen so that she had plenty of food for us to taste!  There were breads, pizza, a cake, and a pie.  We had quite the feast!

If you’ve never had Breads From Anna, they are not the starchy rice-based breads that we often see in the gluten-free world.  They are healthier, hearty breads.

Anna spoke to us about how she got started and what she has been doing in the kitchen.  She also demoed for us baking bread in a bread machine, preparing the dough in a stand mixer and portioning out for hamburger and hot dog buns, rolling a pie crust, and she made some flatbreads.  She even has a flatbread machine that her sister bought her for Christmas.  The flatbreads were really good (she sent me home with some!). I also got to be the lucky recipient of the extra pizza.

Anna told us that when she finished her first bread, she said she was done.  She had made bread, it was good, and that was enough.  But there were people who asked her for a bread mix that didn’t contain this or that, and she just set to work to make things right for them.  She now has 3 bread mixes, plus banana, pumpkin, and cranberry breads, and a pie crust mix.  She will soon be introducing some more new products.  On her website, you will also find many recipes to use her mixes in lots of new ways.  If you create a new recipe with one of her mixes, be sure to share it with her.

North Texas GIG is very grateful to Anna Sobaski for taking the time to come to Texas and speak to us.







2 responses to “A Visit From Anna”

  1. Ellen Avatar

    I love Breads From Anna’s bread mixes. She clearly made my life so much more pleasant and I am grateful for her work in creating her wonderful bread mixes!

  2. TJ Avatar

    Ditto re: Breads by Anna. I was introduced to her bread in a care package from the University of Chicago. When I was dx’d, they were sending out a free food basket for all those with proven Celiac via the biopsy. Anna’s bread was the first one I tried and over two and a half years later I have not found a better one. I’m getting bread machine for Christmas mostly to make this bread. I find it’s fickle when make without one.