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New GF Product – Yogurt

For those of you who called Dannon about their Activia yogurts, and were depressed to hear that they are not considered gf, then I may have found an alternative for you.  (At least, I think this is like that yogurt, but I can’t say that I have actually paid too much attention to the Activia.)

It’s called BeneFIT and it’s by Great Value (Wal-Mart brand) and marked gluten-free.

“Probiotic light yogurt with added fiber.”
Regulates Digestive Health
Beneficial Bacteria
Contains Active Cultures
Tastes Great”

They come in a 4-pack of 4-ounce yogurts, in at least 4 different flavors (I got Raspberry and Blueberry).  There is 3g (11% daily value) of dietary fiber in each one.






2 responses to “New GF Product – Yogurt”

  1. glutenfreesteve Avatar

    I’m not a big Walmart fan of shopping at Walmart. I give them credit for marking so many of their items gluten free, and yes, I want to support that, but they do not rank well on the 2008 Corporate Equality Index. This is the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s annual report card on corporate America’s
    treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees, consumers and investors. Sorry, that’s my soapbox report for the day.

  2. Sarika Avatar

    Hi Cassandra –

    Thanks for a great blog. I came across this post, and wanted to introduce you to another gluten-free option for getting the digestive health benefits of probiotics. I work with Attune foods, and we’ve developed all natural probiotic wellness bars. All of our chocolate varieties are gluten free (and three of them are dairy free as well) — perfect for someone who doesn’t like yogurt, can’t digest dairy, or just wants the health benefits of probiotics in a familiar (and delicious) snack.

    I would love to send you some samples — send me an email if you’re interested!