New GF Product – Yogurt

For those of you who called Dannon about their Activia yogurts, and were depressed to hear that they are not considered gf, then I may have found an alternative for you.  (At least, I think this is like that yogurt, but I can’t say that I have actually paid too much attention to the Activia.)

It’s called BeneFIT and it’s by Great Value (Wal-Mart brand) and marked gluten-free.

“Probiotic light yogurt with added fiber.”
Regulates Digestive Health
Beneficial Bacteria
Contains Active Cultures
Tastes Great”

They come in a 4-pack of 4-ounce yogurts, in at least 4 different flavors (I got Raspberry and Blueberry).  There is 3g (11% daily value) of dietary fiber in each one.

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