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Attune Probiotic Bars

I recently received some samples of Attune Probiotic Wellness Bars (thanks, Sarika!). When she told me they were chocolate bars, I didn’t know what to expect. Boy was I surprised.

It’s almost like eating a Hershey’s bar, except there is less sugar, less funky ingredients, and they are good for you. They have 5 times the live cultures as yogurt. (You can read more about probiotics on their site.)

It really is like eating a good chocolate bar, though less sweet than what most people buy (which is better, IMO). I really liked eating these. Andy tried one, and incredulously asked “these are supposed to be good for you? They just taste like chocolate.” The response from my support group was similar – it’s basically good chocolate.

Oh, yeah, it also contains 12% of your daily value of fiber – the same as a serving of Metamucil (which I have only actually managed to drink once – ick).

Attune chocolate bars come in 4 flavors: chocolate crisp, dark chocolate, mint chocolate, and blueberry vanilla (made with white chocolate). Best of all, these are gluten-free. (FYI – they do make granola bars that are not.)

So if you like to help boost your immune system, or you just want a yummy chocolate bar (that’s good for you), then give these products a try.






One response to “Attune Probiotic Bars”

  1. Jaimee Avatar

    Hi all,
    I think we need to be careful about this product. It claims to be gluten free on the box, but after you buy and then open to the individual bars, it admits to processing it along with wheat products. I find that very untrustworthy, though I admit that the bars are delicious. Has anyone contacted the company?