Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: May 2008

  • Pink Is My Favorite Color

    It is, actually (I have become girlie in my adulthood).  But, dun dun dun duh!  I now get to buy a lot of pink.  We had our sonogram today, and it sure looks like a girl.  We are all very excited.

  • GoGo Rice Bowls

    For lunch today, I tried a new (to me) product: GoGo Rice Bowls. Specifically, I had the Thai peanut. Does life get much easier than microwaving a bowl of rice for a minute and a half? It’s healthy, too. The ingredients are: organic white rice, peanuts, dried mango, millets, kosher salt, dried carrots, spices, filtered […]

  • Attune Probiotic Bars

    I recently received some samples of Attune Probiotic Wellness Bars (thanks, Sarika!). When she told me they were chocolate bars, I didn’t know what to expect. Boy was I surprised. It’s almost like eating a Hershey’s bar, except there is less sugar, less funky ingredients, and they are good for you. They have 5 times […]