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A Delightful Conference

It’s going to take me awhile, and a number of posts, to tell you all about the conference. Let me just first say that it was totally awesome!

The DFW Marriott did a fabulous job. Klaus and his crew really worked hard for us, and they were so helpful. The chefs made some fantastic food (and tons of it, seriously!), and I was always way too stuffed. I started out with the goal to take pictures of all the food, but I just became way too busy to do that. But I will definitely share with you what I have.

Interspersed with the conference posts will be some food reviews. Some of them may be in their own posts (like products that I got from the conference and made at home), but many of them will probably just be in with the conference stuff. As one of the conference planners, and having the book sales table, I really only got to hear one of the speakers. So, for the others, you will have to wait until I read their handouts.

I would like to wet your palate tonight with Tara’s bread tower picture.






One response to “A Delightful Conference”

  1. Claire Fisher Avatar

    The bread looked unreal at first glance. Like it was just a tablescape- something made of real food, but don’t eat. Especially for someone with Celiac! I have never seen GF bread look like this. AND it was soft and chewy- thought for sure I’d be sorry for tempting fate by eating it!