Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Dr. Megan Tichy

Are any of you confused about the proposed FDA definition of “gluten-free” and what 20 ppm really means?

Megan Tichy, Ph.D., a lecturer from Texas A&M University, and support group leader in Bryan/College Station, was “Making Sense of Science” at the GIG Conference. She has been gracious enough to share her presentation with us. The powerpoint is pretty “sciencey”, but I hope you will come away with some knowledge. If not, we’ll ask Megan.

The important thing to gain from this lesson is that parts per million is a percentage – the quantity of gluten is based on the quantity of the whole product.

Here is a picture of Dr. Tichy, enjoying some peach cobbler at the Saturday night banquet (because, remember, It’s All About Food!).

Thank you, Megan, for sharing this with us!


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