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Mac ‘N Cheese – Schar and Blue Chip Group

At the conference, Tim brought me some cheese sauce mix from the Blue Chip Group out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  This mix is like the powder from Kraft that comes in the famous blue boxes.  I finally got a chance to open it up today and make Mac ‘N Cheese with some Schar penne pasta.

And we loved it!

Braden thought that the penne was cool – “pasta tubes.”  The sauce got inside the tubes, too.  We really enjoyed the sauce also.  It was just a tiny bit lumpy, because I was tired and forgot Tim’s advice to stick it in my Magic Bullet, but it didn’t bother me.

Tim likes to put the cheese powder on his popcorn, too, something I will have to try soon.

The cheese powder can be purchased in 2 pound bags (for $8.53) or a 4 pound can (for $16.07).  However, I’ve heard their shipping prices are horrendous (though I don’t know if ordering a lot would make a difference).  Blue Chip Group also sells a wide range of gluten-free specialty mixes (like pancake), and food storage items (like beans, and dehydrated veggies).

If you get through Salt Lake, I’d definitely suggest picking something up and giving them a try.  I will be sending my brother to get me some more cheese sauce powder when he is up there at the end of July.  I’m sure he could stuff a couple of bags around the kids’ car seats.    🙂

From the Blue Chip Group’s website:

Cheese powder is blended with nonfat dry milk making this a “Just add water mix”.
Whey, buttermilk solids, cheese (granular and cheddar {milk, cheese chulture, salt, enzymes}),
whey protein concentrate, salt, sodium phosphate, citric acid, yellow #5, yellow #6, lactic acid,
enzymes, modified-food starch (corn)., nondairy creamer (partially hydrogenated canola oil
and/or soya oil, corn syrup solids, sodium caseinate, dipotassium phosphate, glycol
monostearate, mono diglycerides, silicon dioxide.






2 responses to “Mac ‘N Cheese – Schar and Blue Chip Group”

  1. Tim Avatar

    This is not actually the same as Kraft. Blue Chip makes it themselves.

    The secret to making the sauce is a Magic Bullet and to add a tablespoon of butter, real butter.

  2. Cheryl Avatar

    I have never used a magic bullet, but I beat the powder in a small bowl with a small wisk and it works well. The bullet would be a good addition.

    The Blue Chip cheese is really good as a nacho cheese sauce too. Mix in a bit of your favorite salsa after a mix it up.

    My daughter uses it for a layered Taco like thing that she makes. She layers corn tortillas with taco meat and cheese sauce or cheese according to the mood. Then she drizzles it with salsa or Enchilada sauce. Heat until bubbly.

    I keep the powdered cheese sauce in her Celiac cupboard as a staple.