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CD At The Olympics

Are you all excited about the summer Olympics?  We love watching the Olympics.

Did you know that Celiac Disease is being “represented” at the Olympics this year?  Runner Amy Yoder-Begley has Celiac Disease.  She will be competing in the 10,000 meters for the U.S.

Read a bit about her story in the The Journal Gazette from Indiana.  Hopefully this will help raise awareness, too.

Good luck Amy!






2 responses to “CD At The Olympics”

  1. Vittoria Avatar

    Her story is just amazing. I don’t know how I managed to train and compete as a figure skater for so long undiagnosed. Unfortunately, now that I’m healthy this whole work-world gets in the way of the sport I love.

  2. bmepain Avatar

    Greets! Really interesting. keep working!