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The Ice Dream Cookbook

I received this new cookbook a few weeks ago, and had hoped to give a thorough review.  Alas, it was not to be, as I have been put on bedrest (but now I have a laptop).  So, even though I have not actually made any of the recipes, I will review the rest of the book.

The Ice Dream Cookbook, by Chef Rachel Albert-Matesz.

If you want a cookbook that calls for pounds and pounds of fat and sugar, then don’t buy this one.  But if you are looking for ways to make your life healthier, or you need to be dairy-free, then this cookbook just might be for you.

Chef Rachel, also know as The Healthy Cooking Coach, has been spending quite a few years perfecting her diet, removing what she feels to be unhealthy for her.  This has led her to be dairy-free (as well as gluten-free).  In doing so, she found some wonderful benefits of coconut, and it is upon coconut milk that the recipes in this cookbook are based.

I like the idea of using coconut milk (and I was really excited to try out the recipes, but that will have to wait now).  People who are allergic to coconut are few and far between compared to dairy or soy.  Since Chef Rachel began writing this book, a few companies have come out with coconut-based ice creams.

A section of the book outlines ingredients: about the ingredient, where to find it, and how to store it.  That is really useful information.  Oftentimes, you purchase some new ingredient and have no idea what to do with it once you get it home.  She also has some really great information about various health issues, and how different foods affect our health.  Highly informative, and a good read, too, including the chapters on techniques and equipment.  I had to buy an ice cream machine, and without her guidance, I would have been lost.

All your basic flavors, with a number of variations are included in the book, but there are also a number of different flavors.  Avocado ice dream?  I think that would score high in Andy’s book.  What about chocolate chip basil ice dream?  Me, I can’t get my eyes of the vanilla brownie ice dream and the cherry vanilla chocolate chunk ice dream (okay, this is really making me hungry).

Cookies, brownies, pie crusts, sauces and compotes are also recipes in this book.  A fresh boysenberry sauce sounds so yummy.

If you love your desserts and would like to make them healthier (and/or have dairy-free needs), I would recommend trying out these recipes.  You can order your copy at and free your desserts from the strain of unhealthy ingredients.






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  1. vittoria Avatar

    I wonder if they have this at the library yet? It looks perfect for me try. Thanks

  2. feliz Avatar

    Tried ebay, didn’t work and i tried amazon as wel. They didn’ t have it