Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: November 2008

  • Letter Campaign – Please Join Me

    I have known, for quite some time, that there are products marked “gluten-free” on the shelves that do not meet the standards of the GFCO, and really should not be labeled as gluten-free at all.  However, until now, I had not known any specific names of products (other than the Deland and Sami’s Bakery breads […]

  • Turkey Cake

    It’s almost Thanksgiving! Braden and I decided we wanted to make a cake that looks like a turkey.  We made some plans and drew it out.  Well, you can decide if it looks like a turkey or not.  But I now know how to make a great fish cake, lol. We used 2 heart-shaped pans, […]

  • GF & Allergen Problems

    There is a really interesting article found at The Chicago Tribune. Read this, and you will want to read the rest of the article: “Gluten found in ‘gluten-free’ products The Tribune bought three popular Wellshire Farms products advertised as “gluten free” and sent multiple samples to a lab for testing. Chicken Bites: Tested at 204 […]

  • Recipes from Rebecca Reilly

    At our GIG meeting 2 weeks ago, we had the privilege to learn from cookbook author Rebecca Reilly. Rebecca is a classically-trained chef.  Scroll past the recipes to read her bio. Rebecca was kind enough to share some recipes with us and also allow me to share them with you, too.  Thank you, Rebecca! Don’t […]

  • Book Sale at NTXGIG

    North Texas Gluten Intolerance Group is having a book sale! When planning book sales for a conference of over 350 people, it’s really hard to judge how many of each book to buy.  We ran out of some books, and hardly sold some others.  And then there were the ones that we just had too […]