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Happy (Very Late) Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful gluten-free Thanksgiving.

We had quite a bit of sickness flowing around. One of the most true jokes in our family is that the children always get sick or hurt when Andy is at the fire station. This time was no exception. Braden missed out on the last day before the Thanksgiving break (he got a whole week off) because he was throwing up the night before. And Carter the next day, and the next. I narrowly managed to escape, but probably only because I took some of my meds leftover from pregnancy.

It caught up with me Wednesday.

Thanksgiving day – alone, in my pajamas, all day, watching what I wanted to watch. It would not be truthful to say I didn’t enjoy it.

Unfortunately, all the great recipes I planned to make (and create, even) were not realized. My little brother was quite sad to find out there was no cheesecake in the inn. My hips, however, are grateful.

Grateful. Can you apply that to Celiac Disease? I can. I am grateful for my wonderful friends, both online and in-person, that I have made in the last (almost) five years. And, strangely enough, I am grateful that I don’t have 20 Christmas dinners that I am expected to eat. Yesterday, my mom was lamenting to me all the upcoming holiday meals she is supposed to attend. She has 4 in just one week! Now, if I were crazy skinny, I might not mind. But I am not. And even though my mom is pretty slender, it’s because she generally eats healthy and exercises a lot. Holiday meals are her enemy.

This coming Saturday, is the North Texas GIG’s annual cookie exchange. I have to take 4 dozen cookies (or more). I’m excited. I need to go to the gym. Our holiday party is that night, too. This is the one, and only, holiday party that I will pig out at. For that I am grateful – both that I get the chance to pig out, and that it is only one chance. I will repent next week… at the gym… all week.

I want to share this family picture with you, my friends. We blessed Corice this past Sunday. She was beautiful, of course. Family pictures are getting infinitely harder to take. Andy generally looks terribly goofy, and I think that is why Braden has decided to not really smile in the pictures. (Or else he’s been looking at too many stiff portraits in history books.)

Maybe I’ll get that cheesecake made soon, and pass on the recipe to you. 🙂






8 responses to “Happy (Very Late) Thanksgiving”

  1. Kate Avatar

    You guys look GORGEOUS!

    Happy to hear you are feeling better!


  2. carrie Avatar

    That is such a beautiful picture Cassandra!!! I truly love it!! What a beautiful family you are!

  3. Lea Avatar

    What a beautiful picture! I love it.

  4. aglutenfreeguide Avatar

    Beautiful family! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving – I got to spend it spoiling my little nephew.

  5. celiacgirl Avatar

    Ok…give the me that baby! I love the picture, and WOW….you look so like a hot mamma!!!

  6. Cassandra Avatar

    I told you Shelly, come and visit. You hold the baby, and I’ll bake.
    And thanks. I need to feel beautiful sometimes.

  7. celiacgirl Avatar

    Ok, I know your busy now, but you name the time and date, I will be there, no rush, I can only imagine how much you have going on with the children 🙂

  8. Gluten Free Steve Avatar

    Everyone looks so happy – that’s so wonderful to see. Happy Holidays!