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Sale on Glutino Pretzels

Elizabeth Barbone led me to this sale at today.  You can get Glutino pretzels for 40% off.  If you haven’t bought gluten-free groceries before from Amazon, then let me warn you that you will be buying in bulk.  But the great thing is that their prices are pretty good, you get free shipping (with an order over $25), and they often have extra sales (and I think they have stellar customer service).

My order total for 12  bags of Glutino Pretzel Sticks was $29.91 (list price was $64.80).

If you order them, make sure you enter the coupon code GLUTPRET to get your big discount.






2 responses to “Sale on Glutino Pretzels”

  1. Meagan Avatar

    Wow, where do you find out about these sales?

  2. Gluten Free Steve Avatar

    Thanks for this posting – I ordered some – what a great price!