Uno’s Chicago Grill

Have you heard the news?  Uno’s Chicago Grill restaurants are now serving gluten-free pizza (in most locations).  And it is good.

North Texas GIG had a fun night out, with 60 in attendance (and a number of families turned down).  The majority of us had one thing on our minds when we sat down – pizza.  According to their gluten-free menu, you can get a cheese pizza or a pepperoni pizza.

After some intense interrogation, Betty found out that she could get roasted veggies on her pizza.  Judith, at another table, also interrogated the waiter and manager and found she could have canadian bacon and pineapple.  I tried both (and my pepperoni that I split with Kitty), and the were all really good.

Our manager (at the downtown Fort Worth location – the only Uno’s in Texas), told us that the thin crust is a rice and soy-based crust (which we could not tell from the taste).  It is made by Uno’s and shipped to the locations, individually wrapped and on its own foil.  The management and cooks were taking special care with all gluten-free orders.

For those of you who drink, the Fort Worth location had Redbridge beer, though I don’t know if that is a universal product.

I’m already planning my next trip to Uno’s.  My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks.  🙂

Check out some pictures.  Also, view this video from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  One of our members works for the newspaper, and was there to film this little video for their website.

Some of you may have seen me reference my Tahoe that I bought this summer from a neighbor.  Well, tonight, I realized, was the first time I ever drove it into a parking garage.  I was so freaked out the whole time.  When I parked and got out, I noticed I barely had a foot of clearance!  That’s my freaky-funny story for today.  I just needed to share.  🙂

So, go try out Uno’s.  I hope you have as nice an experience as I did.

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