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Dear Starbucks, What Gives?

Dear Starbucks,

I really love your Valencia Orange Cake.  It is so fun to pop in to a Starbucks (they’re everywhere!) and pick up a fun, fruity, tasty cake.  It makes my day so bright and sunshiney.

So, what gives?  Why are you taking away my precious cake?  I heard about last night’s tweet, and how you are getting rid of the gluten-free Valencia Orange Cake.  Not cool, Starbucks, not cool.

Replacing it with a Kind bar?  I mean, at least we can still get something.  But seriously, Starbucks, what’s the fun in that?  I can get a Kind bar anywhere, but where can I now get a Valencia Orange Cake?  And did I mention I loved it?  I’m sure I did.  An awesome gluten-free treat for under $2.00 – amazing.  Genius, even.

Yet, it appears the genius has left the building.

You have toyed with my emotions.  I’m disappointed in you, Starbucks.  Very disappointed.


Cassandra, who no longer has any reason to visit Starbucks


Let Starbucks know how you feel, too.






7 responses to “Dear Starbucks, What Gives?”

  1. Cecilia McNeil Avatar
    Cecilia McNeil

    Oh please Starbucks, you can’t do this to us. Please keep your delicious Valencia Orange Cake! This is why I come to Starbucks. A Kind bar, you can get that a lot of places but not the fabulous Valencia Orange Cake. Please don’t take my cake and eat it too.

  2. Sara Avatar

    They started telling people this afternoon to keep calling and getting people they know to call even if they’re angry. They’ll realize exactly how much business they’ll loose by making us all angry. They also said to go to starbuck’s forums that they monitor to voice your disgust over the situation…. Phone line is here : 18002352883 and press 0 to be connected to an operator, and their website they said to go and post your anger on was….

    1. Cassandra Avatar

      Thanks, Sara. The following is my comment on the post about it at (and yes, I sent my letter in to customer service):
      My 7 year-old son would get excited whenever we’d drive by a Starbucks and ask if we could share a Valencia Orange Cake. You see, he is not gluten-free, but I am. We both really enjoyed the cake, but the act of SHARING the cake made it even more special for us. His father can take him anywhere and share anything with him. Outside of our home, there are few places that my son and I could share a treat. I am extremely disappointed that Starbucks would pull this. We, too, often found it sold out, and would have to find another Starbucks. If you want to offer a healthy option, then offer the Kind bar AND the cake. It’s not very often that we can just stop in somewhere and get cake. And, please, it’s not like it was THAT unhealthy.

  3. Celiac Avatar

    I agree, Cassandra! Boo to Starbucks! You guys went to all of the trouble to ensure the cake was gluten free, only to give it two months trial. Half the time I went to Starbucks, I had to ask for it because it was not displayed in the case, only to find out they had some in the back! Lack of promotion could be the reason for poor sales (if that is even the reason… sounds like you prefer to tell us it is too much of a treat or too high in calories!?!). We, Celiacs, at least deserve a truthful answer. We all loved the cake! A Starbucks coffee is not so enticing any more without the Orange Valencia Cake to go with it! I think many people will consider a Starbucks coffee “too much of a treat” and decide to shop elsewhere if we don’t have an Orange Valencia Cake or a suitable alternative (a Kind bar… ha! When have you ever sold a “nutritious” bar??? We want a pastry!)! Thank you!

  4. frann Avatar

    We should boycott starbucks till they cave.

  5. Jeremy Avatar

    Ugh I tried their gluten free cake and I was not impressed.

    Come on, bring on the gluten-free chocolate donut!

  6. mercedesohara Avatar

    Like any of those pastries are healthy? Please! Donuts and frosting covered scones, not to mention the tons of sugar in most drinks. At least the cake had eggs and orange juice in it 🙂 I have sent them a nasty gram via website, meanies.