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Enjoy Life Granola

Enjoy Life Foods is a food-allergic consumer’s dream.  All of their products are free of the top 8 allergens and gluten (only wheat is part of the top 8).  Enjoy Life products are even certified gluten-free by the GFCO!

Enjoy Life is constantly looking for products to fit the needs and desires of those on special diets, and to make them as tasty as possible.  They have recently reformulated their good granola to make it even better.

Now the granola is crispier, and stays crispy longer in the bowl (at least I think so).  Previously, you might get some huge clusters, but now they are smaller and more manageable.  The granola tastes great and is appropriately fruity.

This may not make much sense to you unless you had eaten the granola before, but it seems to me that this granola has a cleaner mouth feel to it (and seriously, that is the only way I can think to describe it).

The flakes are a little deceiving (but in a good way).  Although they are made of brown rice, Andy thought they were oats, and proceeded to heat the granola up (I’m not sure for how long).  I wouldn’t recommend this, as it turned a bit to mush.  If you want it hot, you could probably pour hot milk on it.

We get so excited when there is granola in the house.  I had to hide the bags until I could get a chance to sample them (and pay attention to what I was eating – not always easy to do with 3 young children).  The children enjoy it, too, and I like that it’s a solid, healthy breakfast (or evening snack, in today’s case).  My favorite flavor is the Very Berry Crunch.  What’s yours?






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  1. Brita Brownstein - Enjoy Life Foods Avatar

    Thanks for the wonderful review! We’re so happy you and your family enjoyed the new and improved granola : )