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Majans Bhuja Snack Mixes

Why I first saw these bags, I was sure it was going to be something completely new and foreign to me.  While it is quite different than what I usually eat, there is something about these that almost spark a memory from my childhood.

According to the Majans Bhuja website, Bhuja is “An Indian family favorite, the origin of Bhuja mixes and spices dates back many, many years and each household has its own recipe – including Majans.”  Original, Fruit Mix, Cracker Mix, and Nut Mix are choices for your snacking pleasure.

These snacks are really interesting.  The original mix sports some multigrain noodles and chips made from things like yellow peas and chick peas.  Unlike some products made with peas and beans, however, you don’t eat them and say “eww”, you eat them and say “different, but tasty”.

Quite a few different shapes of crackers can be found in the cracker mix.  Some of them even look like flowers.

Generally, when you think of fruit, you think sweet.  Not so with the Bhuja fruit mix.  Just like the other 3, the fruit mix is spicy from chillies, turmeric, cumin, coriander, and paprika.  It is a little strange, at first, to bite into a date or apricot and taste those spices, too.  Quickly, however, I grew to love it.  No wonder it has been an Indian family favorite for years.

If you can’t stand foods that are even a little spicy, than these may not be for you.  They are not crazy-spicy, but they are lively.

The nut mix, original mix, and fruit mix all have 5 grams of protein per serving, and the cracker mix has 4.  The nut mix, of course, has the most fat at 12 grams, but the others have 4, 6, or 7 grams of fat per serving. They all have a low glycemic index, are cholesterol free, and are 100% all natural.

Andy also really liked the Bhuja snack mixes, their spice and crunch, and how high in protein and low in carbs they are.

Majans Bhuja is definitely a fun new snack.  I have really enjoyed tasting these, and do not even feel guilty about how much I ate.  :)  If you would like a new flavor in your life, give these a try.

Update: August 14, 2009 – I am addicted to these things.  Thankfully, they are really quite healthy.  🙂






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    Can you tell me where you found these in the US? I had them in Australia and loved them! Thanks – D