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Zeer Select – New Service for Gluten-Free

Updated 7/13/09:  Promo code for 30-day free trial before the press release (scroll down a bit).

I had the opportunity to meet with a member of Zeer at the GIG conference last month.  I was very excited to hear about this new service they are launching today.

Zeer Select is a new service for people who are gluten-free, and for those who shop for and entertain people who are gluten-free.

You know how it is, to wander down the long grocery store aisles and wonder what you can eat.  Turning over every item on the shelf and reading the labels is time-consuming, and, let’s face it, a bit annoying.  I know I have found some wonderful things on the shelf, but usually after I have read 20 different labels.

Enter Zeer Select.

With Zeer Select, you can quickly search through a database of more than 30,000 products (and constantly growing) to find products that are gluten-free, appear to be gluten-free, or are not gluten-free.  When you look at a product, the safety status is clearly displayed at the top of the page, and any gluten-containing or questionable ingredients are highlighted.  You can click on the ingredients and learn more about why they are, are not, or may be safe ingredients.  If you are looking for a certain product, and it happens to be unsafe, Zeer will provide related products that are gluten-free for you.

Have you ever had someone tell you to make an exact list for them?  My mother often tells me to email or write down exactly what I can have.  With Zeer Select, you can create a shopping list and email it to your friends and family, giving them precisely what they need to shop for you.

Give it a try and send them some feedback.  Let them know what things you love about Zeer Select and what you think would make it better.

Promo code update: Go to and use the code DGFREE (case sensitive) for a free 30-day trial to Zeer Select.

The official press release:

Zeer Select Launched: The Easy Way to Find Gluten Free Foods

With more than 30,000 foods and 500 added or updated weekly

CAMBRIDGE, MA  – July 7, 2009  – Zeer ( the leading consumer grocery information resource, today announced Zeer Select, an online service that makes it easy to find gluten free foods.  Zeer Select is a database of more than 30,000 food products that are assigned a gluten free safety status so people can instantly see what is gluten free and what isn’t.

Zeer Select helps people on a gluten free diet answer the question ‘does this product contain gluten’ quickly and confidently. If a particular food item contains gluten or is questionable, Zeer Select scans the database and recommends alternative products in the same category that are safe.

Zeer Select also lets people see gluten free foods for any category in one place with just a few clicks.   People can search the database to find products by category, brand, product name or UPC code.

“Product information is crucial for people with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance.  We are constantly aware of what we are eating and looking for new, safe foods,” said Phyllis Kaplan, a Zeer Select user who has been living gluten free for 30 years.   “Zeer Select makes it easy for me to find gluten free products tucked away in my grocery store.  I now spend far less time reading labels and discover new gluten free products each week.”

Products are assigned a gluten free safety status based upon analysis of what is on the product label, including ingredients, manufacturer’s statements, “contains” statements and voluntary advisory allergen statements. Zeer Select highlights and provides an explanation for problematic ingredients and manufacturers’ statements to help people save hours reading food labels.

“Zeer Select helps people save time, stay safe and learn the gluten free diet. It is an essential resource for anyone living gluten free” said Michael Putnam, CEO and founder of Zeer. “If you are new to the diet, Zeer Select helps you learn how to live gluten free quickly.  If you are a veteran of the diet, it helps you discover thousands of new gluten free products.”

The process for assigning products a gluten free status is overseen by the Zeer Medical Advisory Team and Zeer Food Research Team — with more than 40 years of combined experience in the gluten free diet and celiac disease. Zeer Select gives members the information they need to make their own decisions, in consultation with their medical and nutritional advisors.

Unlike books or static lists, the Zeer Select database is continuously updated.  On average, 500 products are added or updated weekly and each product clearly displays the date that the information was last confirmed.

Zeer Select is available as a monthly subscription service for $14.95 per month.  This includes unlimited access to the database, gluten free safety status for products, continuous updates, and the ability to share lists of products with family and friends.

About Zeer:

Zeer, the leading consumer grocery information resource, is the easy way to find better food.  Zeer helps people save time and live better by suggesting products based upon their specific dietary needs.  Zeer is accessible online or via a mobile phone, empowering members to find foods that are right for them any where, any time. Founded in 2007, Zeer was named a Top 50 website by  For additional information, please visit Zeer on the web at

Press Contact:

Sara Frain

One Broadway, 14th Floor

Cambridge, MA 02142








2 responses to “Zeer Select – New Service for Gluten-Free”

  1. jane Avatar

    The “free” 30 day trial requires a credit card number. And then it’s $14.95 a month? No thank you.

    1. Cassandra Avatar

      I talked with them about the credit card number, and they were told by their computer people that that’s the way their software works. You don’t get charged, however, unless you keep the service after the 30 days. But they have listened about the price, and have decreased it to $4.95 a month.