Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: August 2009

  • Nature’s Path Cereals and Bars

    When I was first diagnosed with gluten intolerance, I ate a lot of scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Eggs can be great – for awhile – but not when you eat them every… single… morning. Luckily, a friend told me they had seen some gluten-free cereal at Kroger.  I was so thankful to find Gorilla Munch!  […]

  • Cookies for Everyone! and a Giveaway

    School just started yesterday for Braden (third grade already!), and we will soon learn what allergies are accounted for in the class.  So far, I know there is at least one child with a peanut allergy. But I’ll be well taken care of if I want to take cookies to class, no matter how many […]

  • Melissa’s Meatloaf

    I realized a few days ago that it had been ages since I’d last made meatloaf. So long, in fact, that I have no idea what recipe I had used as the base (I know I had added ingredients). Lean ground beef was on sale the other day, and I bought a bunch, so I […]

  • Product Recall – Van’s Wheat Free Pancakes

    Van’s Foods is recalling their Wheat Free Pancakes for undeclared wheat, gluten, milk and egg. Check out this news release for more information, including lot number and best by date.

  • Product Development Survey

    Did you know that there are people researching and developing gluten-free products who aren’t even food manufacturers? Down at Texas A&M, my friend Sara Boswell is constantly busy creating better gluten-free products.  She is a cereal chemist graduate student.  Oh yeah, and she has celiac disease.  She and her mother have been living gluten-free for […]