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New Fave Treats and Tweets

Apparently, I let myself be talked into joining the Dark Side, and am now on Twitter.  I will be using it solely for gluten-free purposes.  You can find me at  Do you like the background?  I just signed up today, so feel free to give me some pointers (and what’s with the # – what does it mean or do?).

This past weekend, my friend Regina (and mother of a gf girl) and I hopped in the car and headed to Houston and beyond.  We acquired some new favorites along the way.

After stopping at the Hillsboro outlet mall to buy some new kitchen gadgets (like a plastic bread box, a stick blender, a mandoline slicer…), our next stop was at Village Foods in Bryan (College Station) to see our friend Monica and the monster selection of gluten-free food that we had heard so much about.

I must say, this was the best regular grocery store I’ve ever seen.  There is one whole, large aisle devoted to gluten-free specialty products, a large freezer section, as well as other products scattered throughout the store.

My grocery list consisted of one thing: Bhuja.  I have become quite addicted to that stuff.

I left with more than that, however, and enjoyed, immensely, a few new treats.

Glutino wafer cookies have been a huge hit around here in the past – the vanilla, chocolate, and especially the lemon.  But I’d never had the strawberry ones before.  Light and delicate, with wonderful strawberry filling.  Did you know that a box of these will fit perfectly between the driver’s seat and the console in a Tahoe?  Yeah, it wedges in there nicely for easy access…

I’m sad to admit that there were none left for my children.  But, hey, I drove over 700 miles during the weekend.  Consuming the entire box is totally acceptable under such conditions.  Right?

Oogie's Smoked GoudaAfter we had made it to the beach, I opened up a bag of Oogie’s Smoked Gouda Gourmet Popcorn.  And let me tell you, it was Good-a.

I don’t even know where to begin to describe these.

I hid the bag in my room.

And I’m not ashamed of it.

I did manage to bring some home to share with Andy.  Quite impressive, don’t you think?


Popcorn was apparently the thing for me this weekend. 

I found myself downing half a bag of Rocky Mountain Caramel Popcorn on the way home.  It had a crunchy caramel covering that just begged to be eaten.

Bonus – the Rocky Mountain caramel popcorn doesn’t have any corn syrup and it is nut-free (not something you often find in a caramel popcorn).

On our way down, we ate some delicious gluten-free pizza and potato skins at Boston’s in Bryan (we had Tuscan and Tropical Chicken – both excellent).  On our way home, we opted for our snacks, mostly.  I had a need for something a little healthier, too, so I got some Muenster cheese slices, some roast beef (Oscar Mayer) and a bag of baby carrots when we returned to Village Foods.  A slice of cheese wrapped around some meat and a some good carrots makes a quick and easy lunch that you can get just about anywhere when you’re traveling.

I love to try out new products and places to shop and eat.  Have you tried anything new in the last week?







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  1. Ellen Avatar

    I am totally addicted to those Glutino lemon wafers. Give me a box of ’em and a cup of tea and I’m in heaven! Next best thing to homemade.