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GFree Cuisine and a Giveaway

Are you the type of person that always has a meal plan for the week?  Or are you, like me, constantly asking “What’s for dinner?” and wondering how “those other people” do it?

For those of you that need some help planning dinner, GFree Cuisine is ready for you.

GFree Cuisine is a subscription-based meal-planning service for those with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerances and wheat allergies.  Many of the recipes are also dairy-free.

GFree presents its subscribers with a list of 10 meals and 2 specials from which you choose up to 5 meals and 2 specials for your menu that week.  Big family, little family?  You can choose 2, 4, 6, or 8 servings and GFree will do the math for you.  The PDF created of your meal plan includes the following:

  • A list of the meals
  • A list of pantry items needed for the meals
  • A shopping list, including amounts, marked for the corresponding meals, and categorized by type of grocery (meats, produce, condiments, etc.) view a sample grocery list
  • Recipes, including prep and cook time and nutritional information
  • A page of dairy-free substitutions

When choosing your meals, there is a key including Crockpot, Morning Prep, Dairy Free, and Low Calorie, so that you can choose the meals that best suit your family’s and your needs.

Brand new menu items are available each week.  Previous items, from weeks that you have been a GFree subscriber, are also available to put in your menu.  You even have the option to “favorite” a meal, so it is readily recalled for future use.

These great recipes are designed by Carol Fenster, author of a myriad of gluten-free cookbooks, including Gluten-Free Quick and Easy and Cooking Free (both available for sale at North Texas GIG, by the way).  Try out recipes such as Grilled Peruvian Chicken Drumsticks, Garlic Popovers, Banana and Macadamia Nut Muffins, Chicken Parmigiana, Zucchini Ribbons with Mint, and Lemon Berry Tart.

Each week, there is a new feature, such as peaches, smoothies, or a certain cut of meat, to learn about and try out in different types of recipes.  There are also special menus each month for dinner parties, breads, desserts, and freezer meals – one day of work for a month of eating.

Subscription rates are currently 3 months for $30, 6 months for $49, and 12 months for $79.  I had a chance to use GFree Cuisine and enjoyed the ease with which it helped me plan my meals.

GFree Cuisine would like to offer a giveaway to one lucky reader – a 12-month subscription to GFree Cuisine AND a $50 gift card to Crate and Barrel!  (Hmm… can I enter my own giveaway? LOL)

Just leave a comment telling me what the most difficult part of meal planning is for you.  For example, I have a hard time thinking about what to make before it’s actually time to make it.

The giveaway will end at 9 pm central on Monday, September 14th.







13 responses to “GFree Cuisine and a Giveaway”

  1. Mary Wood Avatar
    Mary Wood

    The most difficult parts for me are time and number of ingredients. I don’t have a lot of time in the evenings to cook,and having to track down so many extra ingredients I never had to deal with before tends to be frustrating.

  2. Janine Avatar

    Variety is the hardest part for me. I always fall back on the same meals when I can’t come up with an idea for dinner.

  3. Angela Avatar

    I’d agree its variety…that kills me.

  4. holly Avatar

    The most difficult part for me is finding the appropriate substitutions for favorite recipes from my “gluten days.” I will try things and then they turn out terribly. Having someone tell me exactly what to make would be great!

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  6. julie b Avatar
    julie b

    I hate when I ask my family what would you like to eat this week? and I get ummm I don’t know–whatever–what do you want to make…..if I knew that then I would not ask….so then I make something for the week and at the end of the week I get mom why could you not make this? I would love a something like this, so this way I could have a weeks worth of menus done and I don’t have to guess on what to buy for food for the week.

  7. Emily Avatar

    We do the grocery shopping for the week on Sunday. That is always the hardest thing – thinking of what we’re going to eat that week. Sometimes I have several cookbooks and recipe books open just to find something that sounds good!

  8. jamie b Avatar
    jamie b

    I have a hard time remembering all the ingredients I need to buy for the meal as well as deciding what to cook for the week.

  9. melanie Avatar

    Finding things the kids will actually eat…. urgh! I love GFCuisine, and haven’t renewed my subscription because of tight finances this year…but i’m so tired of eating TACOS and Pasta every other day LOL. I want variety!

  10. Melissa Avatar

    Thinking of something to make and then actually having the ingredients on hand is tough for me!!

  11. Ginger Carter Miller Avatar

    The hardest part of meal planning for me is that I usually eat alone — and I don’t like to have lots of leftovers, because I don’t have a good way to heat them at work the next day. That, and I have so many other food restrictions — sugar, to be sure, and GF.

  12. Terry Sofley Avatar
    Terry Sofley

    We are constantly having to go to the store to buy one more ingreient. Its frustrating.

  13. Diana Janowiak Avatar
    Diana Janowiak

    Most difficult for me is having a picky eater! Baked goods are no problem (cookies, bread, muffins, etc.), but when it comes to mealtime, we seem to always revert back to the same dishes. My son doesn’t seem to like or want to try to eat anything “out of the ordinary”!