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Yoplait Delights and a Giveaway

Chocolate Raspberry Yoplait Delights

Yoplait has recently released a new yogurt parfait, called Delights.  Currently, there are four flavors: Creme Caramel, Triple Berry Creme, Chocolate Raspberry, and Lemon Torte.

I decided to call customer service because the packages are not marked gluten-free.  I was told that they have not been tested for gluten yet, so they will not put gluten-free on the package.  There are no gluten ingredients.

We chose to get the Creme Caramel flavor to test.  It was actually not as sweet as I expected, but toned down from the regular Yoplait.  Each serving is only 100 calories, and it has a variety of sweeteners: sugar, a little brown sugar, a little sweetened condensed milk, a little sucralose (Splenda).

The Creme Caramel is very smooth and has a good caramel-y flavor with a bit of a tang.  Carter and Corice just could not get enough.  Carter kept asking for more, more, more, with Corice constantly saying “Mmmmmm”.

Yoplait Delights gift package

Yoplait, courtesy of MyBlogSpark, would like you to have a chance to say “mmmm” and delight your senses.  You can get a $1 off coupon.  You could even win a “Delight Your Day” gift pack which includes a free coupon for Yoplait delights, a spa mask, wrap robe, and slippers.  (And yes, it is a girlie-type of giveaway – great for busy moms who need to relax, or busy career-women, or…)

Just leave me a comment and tell me what is your favorite way to relax.  For me, it is a quiet place and a good book (although I currently am favoring vegging in my pajamas with Chuck).

This giveaway is only open to US residents (and has the same strange coupon exceptions as the other Yoplait giveaway – open through Oct 2nd).  It will end at 9 pm central on Wednesday, October 7, 2009.

Happy chilling!







23 responses to “Yoplait Delights and a Giveaway”

  1. Ginger Carter Miller Avatar

    I like the raspberry one myself. It’s good.

    My favorite way to relax is a long quiet nap on the couch with no interruptions.

  2. Linda Avatar

    I’m disappointed that I didn’t receive this offer from My Blog Spark, but maybe I’ll win. I like to relax by curling up with a book or watching a romantic movie.

  3. Jamie (Gluten Free & Healthy For Me) Avatar

    I love relaxing either in bed or on the couch in comfy clothes while reading a good magazine.

  4. Terry Sofley Avatar
    Terry Sofley

    All of it sounds so good. I love finding out there is now more in life to choose from. Yeah us!! GF word is getting through to the product makers.

  5. Maren Avatar

    I love relaxing in comfy PJs with a good movie! Especially when the kids are in bed!

  6. michelle Avatar

    My idea of relaxing is laying in the backyard on a sunny fall day.

  7. denise Avatar

    I relax with a good book and some tea after my kids go to bed at night.


  8. Tiffany Avatar

    I like to go shopping or watch Grey’s anatomy (while eating Yoplait of course)!

  9. Shelley Orenstein Avatar
    Shelley Orenstein

    relaxing is sleeping on the couch with my favorite blanket on a Sunday afternoon.

  10. JC Avatar

    A hot bath and a cup of tea can do the trick!

  11. Melissa Avatar

    I like to relax with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee.

  12. julie b Avatar
    julie b

    I love a bubble bath with a good book, then to get into bed with vannilla pillow spray on the pillow, wonderful

  13. holly Avatar

    I love to do pottery! I can while away a ton of time working with clay. That, and kickboxing!

  14. Alice Avatar

    As a movie buff, I like to watch a good movie and enjoy a GF treat!

  15. Lisa Avatar

    The chocolate raspberry is wonderful, and I plan on relaxing with one tonight while in the tub filled with lavendar bath salts and a girlie movie on my portable dvd movie player.

  16. Jaime Avatar

    My favorite way to relax is entering contest!
    copperllama at yahoo dot com

  17. Cherie Avatar

    I enjoy curling up under the blankets while watching a good movie with my hubby!

  18. Doreen Avatar

    I love to get curled up in my pj’s and just relax after a hot bath. :)Add tea and it hits the spot!

  19. Kam A Avatar
    Kam A

    I love to take a nice hot bath with a good book!

  20. Jamie Evelyn Avatar
    Jamie Evelyn

    My favorite way to relax is in a hot, bubble bath with lots of candles!

  21. Tamara S. Avatar
    Tamara S.

    After a workout,I head straight to a warm bubble bath with good reading material,and if after 5:00pm,a glass of red wine!!

  22. Lethea Benson Avatar
    Lethea Benson

    I love to relax by curling up in may favorite chair with a good book and a great cup of coffee=)
    This will be an awesome prize for any of us so good luck to all!

  23. Karin Avatar

    Sometimes by reading–sometimes by watching an old movie. Depends on my mood.