Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Crunchy Maple Sunrise and Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise

Nature’s Path now has two new cereals to add to the gluten-free lineup: Crunchy Maple Sunrise and Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise.

These new organic cereals appear to be mostly a mix of three cereals – Mesa Sunrise, Gorilla Munch, Crispy Rice – and some puffed quinoa.  A serving (2/3  cup) of either cereal gives you 3 grams of dietary fiber (12%), 2 grams protein, and only 7 grams of sugar.  It even contains 11% of the recommended amount of Omega-3.  The only sugar in these cereals come from evaporated cane juice and molasses, providing just a touch of sweetness.

I was a little wary as I prepared to open the box of Crunchy Maple Sunrise.  Nature's Path Crunchy Maple SunriseYou see, before I went gluten-free, Andy would always buy those crazy-sugary cereals.  I got so sick from the smell of some of them during my pregnancy with Braden that I forever banned them from my house.  One of them had something to do with “maple”.

However, I was pleasantly surprised as I cut open the package and a light fragrance of real maple syrup greeted me (and not that icky fake smell).  The cereal has a medium maple flavor – not overpowering, but not understated.  The cereal remains fairly crunchy unless you let it sit for a long time (like if you have to leave your poor cereal to keep the children from permanently damaging each other).  As you can probably guess, the flavor is on the outside of each flake, ball, etc., and will seep into the milk after awhile.

Braden said “it reminds me of pancakes with real maple syrup.”  I agree.

Nature's Path Crunchy Vanilla SunriseIt took me an aggravatingly long time to figure out that the Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise reminds me a bit of vanilla Tootsie Rolls (I knew the flavor was familiar the moment I first put some in my mouth…).  I actually really like vanilla Tootsie Rolls.  🙂

Andy grunted an “it’s good” when I asked  him about it.  Poor guy is sick, though, and currently taking a confined space rescue class, so we won’t hold it against him.

I actually drank all the milk in my bowl; a rare occurrence for me.

Only one day, and there’s barely any left.  I will definitely have to get some more of these.