Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: January 2010

  • On the Border

    A friend and I got together for lunch a few weeks ago, and at her suggestion, we went to On the Border.  I had forgotten they now have a gluten-free menu.  I was worried about the precautions (or lack of) that they might have.  Since my friend waitresses at the location nearest me, she assured […]

  • PranaBar and Boomi Bar

    Have you ever had a cold or allergies, and all you could taste was chalk?  Yuck.  I had this fickle issue off and on for about three weeks.  It’s a little hard to do reviews or even cook when that is going on. But I’ve been better for a bit now, and am ready to […]

  • Food and Wine – A Diatribe

    It’s bad enough when you see misinformation in some small, non-food-related magazine.  But very bad information in a big food magazine? Appalling! That’s right, Food and Wine Magazine, I’m talking about you. Rule number one about writing: Joe’s opinion does not a fact make.  Or, in this case, Lionel’s. Just because someone who supposedly has […]

  • Perky’s Crunchy Rice and Crunchy Flax Cereals

    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, right? But names are still important.  That’s why the folks at Enjoy Life Foods recently changed the names of these long-standing gluten-free cereals. You may know them as Nutty Rice and Nutty Flax. ( I don’t know why they were named that, though I always […]