Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

I Could Rant and Rave for Hours…

I’ve had a strange couple of days, but seeing this really ticked me off!

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, been so very careful, talked to everyone, and you leave pretty sure they screwed up, perhaps even lied to you, on purpose, about the food being gluten-free?

Well, here’s proof that someone does, even intentionally.

And you know what, if you don’t want other people to know the crap you say, then you should make your profile and photo albums on facebook private.

For those of you in Colorado, I’d be extra careful where you’re eating out, because someone obviously has it in for you.

How dare he do this!  These are major health issues we’re talking about here.  I wonder how he treats people with shellfish allergies – shellfish have been around for a long time, too.  Seriously???

For the record, my reaction time is about 8 hours after ingesting gluten (and I’ve never even knowingly ingested it since going gluten-free).  While I do have a handful of friends who will react within an hour, most celiacs do not.  Just because it is not immediate does not mean it is not serious.  I’ve had quite a few friends who have spent time in the hospital due to gluten reactions.  The pain that I, personally, endure makes me want to die, and that’s just from a stray crumb, not a whole plate of gluten pasta.

As for a “few people”, Chef Damian, it’s actually 1 in 133 Americans that have Celiac Disease.  Granted, the majority do not yet know it.  That doesn’t include the scores of people, like me, that probably have Celiac Disease but for one reason or another never had a biopsy (just blood work or whatever) to give them the golden standard and a full-fledged diagnosis.  What I have is real, whether or not someone sliced up my intestinal tract to see.

Dear Karma…



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