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A Win for the Gluten-Free Community

Following on the heels of the so-called chef who bragged about feeding gluten pasta to his gluten-free customers, a trial was just held in North Carolina for another glutenly evil man.

Awhile back (probably a few years), there was a lot of talk in the gluten-free community about some awesome gluten-free bread coming from North Carolina, with a big problem: everyone was getting very ill.  Yes, there were some people who just kept buying the bread, but there were others who sent it to labs to have it tested.  Want to guess what the number one ingredient was?  Yep, wheat.

But could the state prosecute the owner, Paul Seelig, for selling gluten-free bread that wasn’t gluten-free?  NO, THEY COULDN’T!!  Why?  Because the FDA still hasn’t finalized their ruling of what gluten-free means.

As you will read in this news article, he was prosecuted for “obtaining property by false pretenses.”  Yeah, he wasn’t even baking the bread, just repackaging bread and labeling it gluten-free.  Hooray to the jurors of Durham County who found this man guilty on 23 counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.

As of this morning, Paul Seelig was sentenced to 11 years in prison.


It is problems like these that are the big impetus for the 1 in 133 event, the first-ever Gluten Free Food Labeling Summit.  Jules Shepard talked to the North Texas Gluten Intolerance Group on April 2nd, about preparing for this great event.  They are creating the world’s largest gluten-free cake! The logistics for it are immense.  I really wish I could be there, in D.C., as this is A Big Deal (but alas, I cannot).  If you are nearby, I highly suggest you look into it.  We need the FDA to realize that Celiac Disease is a big deal, and that gluten-free labeling laws are extremely important, and they need to quit fooling around and do what they were mandated to do four years ago.







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