Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: June 2011

  • Gluten-Free Certification Rumors

    Recently, there has been talk about GFCO products and testing. I’ll have Sara speak more on this later. One thing I really want to stress, in relation to this and other recent happenings, is that the gluten-free community, especially those in the medical field or bloggers, need to be so much more careful. There has […]

  • Betty Crocker GF Recipe Contest and Giveaway

    In case you haven’t heard, Betty Crocker is running it’s first ever gluten-free recipe contest.  I am way late in posting about it, since it ends on the 30th of June. Good luck, for those of you who will enter. (And I’m really sorry about the font issues today.  My editor’s being a spaz.) Here’s […]

  • Scientific Gluten-Free Certification

    I have noticed some “interesting” information being passed around facebook and twitter lately.  You may have seen it: press releases and the like from the NFCA and CCA each saying that their new gluten-free certification programs are the only scientifically-based programs. If you haven’t seen it, you’re probably thinking “What?  What about that one that […]

  • Gluten-Free in Puerto Rico

    If you get the chance, I highly suggest you “unplug” and take a real vacation.  Due to many factors, but especially my job, I am one of those people that makes myself almost constantly available.  It had started to wear on me. So I did something a little crazy – I bought a plane ticket […]

  • Survey Opportunity

    I just wanted to share this opportunity with you, to voice your opinions on the availability of gluten-free foods. So, if you would like to help a college student out with his research, click on the following link and share away. Please feel free to share with others that eat gluten-free.