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Scientific Gluten-Free Certification

I have noticed some “interesting” information being passed around facebook and twitter lately.  You may have seen it: press releases and the like from the NFCA and CCA each saying that their new gluten-free certification programs are the only scientifically-based programs.

If you haven’t seen it, you’re probably thinking “What?  What about that one that Cassandra’s always talking about?”

I think GIG must be getting tired of answering that question, because they sent out an email with the following:

Scientific Gluten-Free certification is not new.

In 2005, the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) launched the first comprehensive gluten-free certification program using a scientific-based standard of 10-ppm gluten, third party auditing using highly qualified auditors in the manufacturing industry, and a robust testing process including random point-of-sale testing by independent labs and regular in-plant testing of finished products, equipment and raw materials.

NFCA and CCA programs, launched similar certification programs in the last few weeks, each claiming they “are the only scientifically-based gluten-free certification program…” Like the claims of these programs, GFCO did extensive research before setting its standards.  GFCO has set the industry standard and is the program that organizations like NFCA and CCA are modeling their recently launched programs after.

The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) is currently performing audits in 12 countries with certified products sold in four countries.

GIG’s GFCO program was the ONLY certifying organization represented as an ADVOCATE at the 1-in-133 labeling event in May, with the opportunity to speak as one of the top leaders with FDA representatives in a private meeting about the issues industry and consumers face. GIG also had representatives on the Hill encouraging Congress to push the FDA to finalize its ruling on gluten-free labeling. GIG has been attending regulatory meetings for years, representing consumers and industry.

GIG is a 37-year old organization with a reputation for being a proactive industry leader with progressive programs. To learn more about the Gluten-Free Certification Organization visit

GFCO even has a pretty big book full of products that they certify (and do so scientifically).  Most of my favorite products are GFCO certified, and I’d bet many of yours are, too.