Delightfully Gluten Free (TM)

Month: September 2011

  • Glutino’s New Genius Bread

    Let’s just be clear – it’s not going to do your calculus homework or compose a beautiful report for your boss. But the new Genius bread is pretty good in its own way. Glutino sent me a loaf of the new Genius by Glutino white bread a few days ago. I have actually had the […]

  • Notes from the GIG Conference

    My friend Claire was gracious enough to let us share the notes that she took at the 2011 GIG Conference.  I was generally too busy running errands, helping with the kids, helping the vendors, or helping Sara with Roben Ryberg’s cooking demo.  I didn’t really hear any of the speakers. Claire’s notes: The 2011 GIG […]

  • Surf Sweets

    It seems that Corice really wins out, being the only one at home during the day.  Like today, when I finally open the bags of candy that have been sitting on my desk, next to my computer, taunting my children for some time. Surf Sweets sent me some of their natural candy to try.  I […]