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Glutino’s New Genius Bread

Let’s just be clear – it’s not going to do your calculus homework or compose a beautiful report for your boss. But the new Genius bread is pretty good in its own way.

Glutino sent me a loaf of the new Genius by Glutino white bread a few days ago.

I have actually had the opportunity to try this bread a couple of times before (a bite here and there), at Expo West and at the GIG Conference in Orlando.  From what I recalled, it seemed some changes had been made in the few months between the two food expos.

Now, having eaten an entire piece and a sandwich, I can tell you that this bread is soft, has a very good texture, and a nice (mostly plain) flavor with no aftertaste.  It did not get all gummy and stick to my teeth, either (which often tends to be a problem with gluten-free breads).

The only bothersome thing was the crust, as it was a little overly stiff, but that may have been due to the bread being so hot when it arrived.  You see, they kindly sent the bread so it would be thawed and ready for me to eat.  However, people who have never lived in Texas just don’t understand how freakishly hot it is here.  The bread had to cool down in my house (which I keep at 80 during the day – yes, it’s hot, but still a good change from the 101 or 112 outside).

Overall, I found it to be a good bread, and made a rather nice sandwich (honestly, it’s not that often I eat sandwiches anymore).  If you get the chance, give it a try.

Below is the press release, if you are so inclined to read it.  🙂



Leading Gluten-Free Brand Partners with U.K.-based Genius Gluten-Free to Bring Popular Bread to U.S. and Canadian Markets


LAWRENCE, Mass. – Glutino®, a trusted pioneer and leader in convenient gluten-free living, introduces Genius® by Glutino® bread to its extensive line of gluten-free products. Glutino has partnered with U.K.-based Genius Gluten-Free to bring their popular gluten-free bread to the United States and Canada.


Genius by Glutino offers a wholesome and delicious gluten-free bread option for those living a gluten-free lifestyle. Soft and light in texture, Genius by Glutino features full-sized bread slices that are perfect for making sandwiches and is available in two great tasting varieties, White and Multigrain Sandwich Bread.


“I developed Genius Bread so people living gluten-free could have a better tasting gluten-free bread solution,” said Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, professionally trained chef, founder of Genius Gluten-Free, and mother of a celiac child. “We are thrilled to partner with Glutino, a leader and innovator in gluten-free living, to share our great-tasting bread with the U.S. and Canadian markets.”


“We are excited to add Genius by Glutino to our long-standing gluten-free portfolio and to offer a gluten-free bread that is a cut above the rest,” said Laura Kuykendall, director of marketing and R&D for Glutino. “People living a gluten-free lifestyle look to Glutino for what is new and innovative in the world of gluten-free products, and adding Genius by Glutino to our wide range of products strengthens our position in the gluten-free space.”


Genius by Glutino, as with all Glutino products, does not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Both varieties of Genius by Glutino will be available on and in freezer aisles nationwide at a suggested retail price of $5.49.


About the Glutino Food Group


Since 1983, the Glutino Food Group has been a trusted pioneer and leader in the gluten-free category.  Based in Laval, Québec, the company offers a wide variety of great-tasting, gluten-free foods consumers can trust.  Products are available nationwide at local supermarkets, natural and organic retailers and on  For more information on The Glutino Food Group, visit The Glutino Food Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Smart Balance, Inc.


About Smart Balance, Inc.


Smart Balance, Inc. (NasdaqGM: SMBL) is committed to providing superior tasting heart healthier alternatives in every category it enters by avoiding trans fats naturally, balancing fats and/or reducing saturated fats, total fat and cholesterol, and/or by incorporating ingredients that consumers may be missing in their diets.  The company markets the Smart Balance® line of products, which include Smart Balance® Buttery Spreads, Enhanced Milks, Buttery Sticks, Peanut Butter, Microwave Popcorn, Cooking Oil, Mayonnaise Dressing, Non-Stick Cooking Spray and Cheese, and also markets natural food products under the Earth Balance® brand and healthier lifestyle products under the Bestlife™ brand.   Smart Balance owns the Glutino Food Group, a trusted pioneer and leader in the gluten-free category. Based in Laval, Quebec, the company offers a wide variety of great-tasting, gluten-free foods consumers can trust. Products are available nationwide at local supermarkets, natural and organic retailers and on






4 responses to “Glutino’s New Genius Bread”

  1. Gaybrooke Crittenden Avatar
    Gaybrooke Crittenden

    I live in Newport News VA. Is there a store here or in Hampton VA or York County VA that carries this bread? My granddaughter is coming to visit and is gluten intolerant.

    1. Cassandra Avatar

      According to Glutino’s website, these are the stores in Virginia that carry their product. Keep in mind that some of the stores may only carry a couple of products (such as cookies). I’d suggest calling the places nearby and seeing if they carry the bread. Thank you for looking out for the gluten-free needs of your granddaughter!
      For Goodness Sake Natural Foods
      Farm Fresh
      Food Lion
      Lowe’s Food Store
      Whole Foods Market

  2. Don Conroy Avatar
    Don Conroy

    where and when can I purchase Genius bread in the Phoenix, AZ area?

  3. Cassandra Avatar

    Glutino has a store locator on their site.